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What you get in this mini-workshop:
-Learn how to immediately break down your goals so you can visually see how to obtain them.
-Learn how you can experience what Bryan Pennington has “My Company after 20 years in Business began Ryan's program and within 1 months, compared to the same month last year realized: 297% increase in revenue from new, and current Clients, 67% increase in Email or Phone captures, and 167% increase in new clients driven to point of sale. And, 300% increase in revenue 2 more to more times so far. His company also helped me launch my new business, plus, I most appreciate how he’s helped me with my family relationship and my health, Ryan, your strategic coaching been a lot to me and we’ve known each other and worked together for over three years now, and I really appreciate it.
-Learn the mistakes myself and so many others have made in the past and what we need to do differently.   
-Get the #1 tool to experience greater freedom in 2018.

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"I'm Looking For More of My 
Ryan will walk you through his "invaluable" Destiny Days Roadmap 
This roadmap helps our clients experience tremendous success and daily satisfaction!
Bryan P.

"My company after over 20 years in business achieved within 1 month 295% Growth in revenue compared to the Same Month the prior year, 67% Growth Email or Phone captures, and has peaked at 300% two more times so far. I'm most appreciative for how my family communications and health have been helped!"

Patti H.

"My dream to create a successful organization and a team to support my organization came true quickly! I had a great launch and learned to speak more effectively to my team, schools, and governors. I was on tv within 3 months!"
Bill R.

"Ryan's top skills are team building, new business development, leadership, non-profits, marketing, social media marketing, and entrepreneurship."
Cathcart L.

"I'm so thankful for meeting and being helped by Ryan and his skills, He listens to my needs and everything is much better now, and my health is so much better!"
Terry T.

"Ryan helped me with many areas of my life, especially work and health. Thank you, Thank you."
Bill G. 

"Ryan is a not only a man of integrity, he has help my in many aspects of my life"

"Ryan's book is Awesome, Concise, and very useful information." John Bontempi
Dan & Nancy

"Ryan helped our whole family, for myself (dan) I'm able manage my myself much better with all the responsibility I have as an administrator, father, and husband. We are happily surprised to discover that our heath could be improved so much "

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